Every catering wholesaler has its own customer base, consisting of companies with diverse wishes. It is essential to offer a balanced product range. There is no better ambassador than a satisfied customer who finds exactly what he is looking for. Lodewijks Quality Meat understands that! Our fresh quality meat distinguishes itself in presentation and flavor.


The breed, combined with the habitat, determines the characteristics of the meat. From climate to space, flat or mountains, all circumstances matter. Since quality comes first with us, we buy globally. With an eye for the right selection of exclusive cow breeds. Below, you can read more about the background of various breeds we selected for you. To make our product range complete and to meet market demands, we offer you more. Such as the meat of the Blonde Acquitaine and the Limousine from France or the Boeuf d’Ennal and the Blue Double Muscled from Belgium. Do you have a specific wish for a specific type? Do not hesitate to ask!


Optimal conditions in each phase of the meat processing process, increase quality. Therefore, carefully select the slaughterhouses we buy from. Our open and personal approach have allowed us to build many great relationships, due to which we can guarantee you fast and fresh delivery from every corner of the world.


You want to be able to compose your own meat package? Appropriate to your target audience? We offer you the possibility of ordering mixed pallets, tuned to your wishes. In our vision, you are central.