Ireland has many slaughterhouses. We carefully select the best slaughterhouses, which is why we always have an excellent price quality ratio. Always delivered fresh, in any desired cut.


Our Irish beef originates from various Irish cross-breeds, such as Hereford, Charolaise and Angus. They graze in the most ideal circumstances. The moist, mild climate of Ireland, combined with the constant sea wind, provides the best grass. Herbs and clover grown in abundance in Ireland as well. Together with the grass, they form the ultimate natural food for the bovine animals. In addition, Ireland is very spacious. This means that the animals are fed in small groups on large surfaces.

All these circumstances make that Irish meat is of excellent quality. The beef is always tender and beautifully marbled. The small threads in the meat give it a perfect flavor. The light carcass provides plenty of opportunities for portioning. The spacious areas and the natural food the animals enjoy, gives the meat organic characteristics.


The sheep in Ireland also benefit from the great natural circumstances. In total, about 3.5 million mother sheep graze on the land, still bred using traditional and animal friendly methods. There are two types: the hillside sheep and the lowland sheep. The animals adapt to the seasons, meaning that every seasons produces its own unique flavor. Once the lamb has reached the age of ten to twelve weeks, it is slaughtered. The food it has enjoyed up to then, is purely natural: breast milk and meadow grass. And you’ll taste the difference!