Our great relationships with the best slaughterhouses that process Angus, means we always have fresh meat of excellent quality. Delivered in any cut you want. With a beautiful marbling and melting on your tongue. Your senses will understand the message. This bovine animal has enjoyed the best natural food, for a long and carefree period of time.


The Aberdeen Angus cattle was first bred in the East of Scotland, around 1870. Subsequently, this cattle breed spread out to North America and Australia. This hornless breed with short legs mainly consists of black cattle, hence the name Black Angus. Red cattle is less common, and is called Red Angus. The Angus feels at home in natural areas with a rich variety of grasses and herbs. The quiet animals have the ability to grow up on infertile soils. Too much food is not beneficial to this breed, it is the slow growth that benefits the quality of this breed. The meat is of exceptional quality. The thin lines of fat that run through the meat; the marbling, retain the flavor aromas. They make the meat extra tender and juicy.