The catering industry has many formulas, such as hotel chains, all-in concepts and various oriental specialties. With passion and knowledge of the market, we have developed three exclusive brands for the catering wholesalers in these segments. Of course, as you have come to expect of us, they can be ordered in any desired composition. Soon, we will expand our service, by also providing the packaging with exclusivity, where desired.


Maybe you are looking for even more customization and exclusivity. After all, every company has its own philosophy with associated unique customers and wishes. That is why, we also offer our customers the possibilities of supplying products under private label. Contact us for more information.


Our three exclusive brands are supplied ‘shock freeze’. This means that we freeze the products at exactly the right time. The advantage is a constant quality with a minimal risk of loss.



The Angus Beef Burger is the newest meat sensation of the moment. The meat from the Angus gives this Big Size burger a delicious en full flavour. Perfect for the BBQ or a quick meal with friends. Lodewijks Meat will tailor the content of the box to your wishes. Ask us about the possibilities.


We specialize in producing a wide range for the oriental catering wholesalers. The value we add, is reflected in tender and colorfast meat. Due to our global partnerships, we always have the required quality and volumes. Our product range is extensive, and can be composed to your liking. Several well-known examples Wok beef, Teppanyaki Beef, Teppanyaki Filet.


Especially for the higher segment in the oriental market, we have developed Prime Angus Beef. It makes us proud to see how these products are finding their way to the high quality Japanese and Sushi restaurants via the catering wholesalers. This meat has a nice marbling that provides a tender and full flavor. Prime Angus Grill Heel, Prime Angus Chuck Tender, Prima Angus Flap meat (skirt steak), just some examples of products we can supply.


Lodewijks Beef is a brand that is suitable for the catering wholesalers and distributors that supply large hotel chains and all-in concepts. Lodewijks Beef can be bought in various compositions. We offer any desired type of beef, portioned and vacuum packed. The Angus Steak and the Angus Burger are two of our popular specialties. These can be supplied in any desired weight. In addition, the Hotel Beef Steak is a well-known product in the market as well.