Lodewijks Quality Meat, an international supplier that responds to the increasing demand for high quality meat. Every meat type has its own specific qualitative characteristics and origin. That is why we buy worldwide, with a keen eye for the best quality. This means that we buy meat from Germany. Belgium, Austria, France, Spain, England, Ireland, Italy, Poland, North America and Australia. Direct channels with our suppliers, allow us to guarantee fast distribution.


Lodewijks Quality Meat is a young and growing company. Knowledge forms the basis of our success. Gained through years of experiences in the butcher’s trade. We are aware of the fact that meat us more than just composing a product range. Selling meat means being able to talk about meat for hours!


The eyes of the professional. Knowing the possibilities of any piece of meat. Seeing through the eyes of the end consumer. Responding to the influence of the seasons. In our own production, we control everything. With our brands, you buy a distinctive product. Our extensive global network, allows us to respond quickly where necessary. Quality combined with knowledge, creates confidence, with a lead. A lead we are planning to keep, by being a stable, honest and reliable supplier.


Our extensive network and great strategy, combined with smart logistics, allows us to deliver at a stable and competitive price. Of course, in proportion to the quality delivered.


We supply wholesalers, distributors, the supermarket industry and the meat products industry. This variation allows us to provide added value for any customer, whether it is a supplier or a buyer. This makes Lodewijks Quality Meat a formidable partner. A partner with a flexible attitude towards both its procurement and sales channels. With respect for the unique desires of its customers. Based on mutual trust.


Our product range is composed of various types of meat, appropriate to the target audience of our buyers. We distinguish ourselves in the market through customized delivery. You can order mixed pallets with us, tuned to your wishes. View our products and discover what suits your company best.